Automation Made Easy for Your Android Device

MacroDroid is a task automation and configuration app that focuses heavily on usability with a simple, attractive UI and logical step by step process.

  • Select from over 40 different Triggers to activate a Macro
  • Add one or more Actions (from a choice of over 70)
  • Configure optional Constraints to limit when a Macro can activate

From "MacroDroid is an utterly brilliant, and less expensive, alternative (to Tasker) that is definitely worth trying out" (4.6/5)

Requires Android 2.3 and above.


If you've ever tried other automation apps you may have found them difficult to understand and hard to configure. MacroDroid aims to change this by focussing on an intuitive UI without sacrificing on features.

A few examples of what MacroDroid can automate:

  • Shake the device to upload the last photo to Facebook
  • Turn on/off Wifi when you launch/close a particular app
  • Respond to an incoming SMS by sending your current location
  • Toggle the power button to speak the time (e.g. in your pocket)
  • Use NFC to configure the device (turn on bluetooth, set volume)


Version 2.2.3

Released on January 28th, 2014
  • NEWAdded "No Macro Invoked Recently"
  • NEWAdded "Volume Up/Down" action
  • NEWAdded more options to "SMS Sent" action
  • NEWAdded foreground option to "Torch" action for devices that don't support the existing torch functionality
  • NEWAdded devices connected value to hotspot constraint
  • NEWAdded additional options to "Control Media" action to support Google Play Music
  • NEWAdded more accessible help information to Trigges, Actions and Constraints
  • FIXOther minor fixes and tweaks

Version 2.2.2

Released on January 16th, 2014
  • NEWAdded Pebble (V2) Watch Trigger, Action and Constraint
  • NEWModified category logic
  • NEWAdded File Operation root improvements
  • NEWAdded new "Is Roaming" constraint
  • NEWAdded unknown caller option for incoming call trigger
  • NEWAdded option to "Share Location" to MacroDroid variable
  • NEWAdded languages to "Language to Speak" setting
  • NEWAdded experimental features option
  • NEWGraphical tweaks including new widget buttons
  • FIXFixed crash issue when selecting an icon
  • FIXOther minor fixes

Version 2.1.8

Released on December 19th, 2013
  • NEWMoved on/off switch to home page
  • NEWAdded on/off switch to categories
  • NEWAdded Enable/Disable Category action
  • NEWAdded Hotspot Enabled/Disabled Trigger
  • NEWAdded Empty Trigger
  • NEWAuto backup of macro file to /sdcard/macrodroid
  • FIXFixed issue with helper file on Android 4.4
  • FIXOther minor fixes and tweaks



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