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Make your phone truly smart with the number one automation app on Android



Automation has never been easier 

To create a macro simply select your trigger, choose your actions and add optional constraints.


Choose the trigger that will make your macro run. There are over 85 to choose from such as day/time, incoming SMS and battery level.


Set up one or more actions that you want to perform in your macro. There's over 100 things you can do, some examples include sharing your location, sending an email or speaking some text aloud.


Only want your macro to run when plugged in? No problem, just add a constraint. There's over 50 to choose from

Great power, simple to use


Tweak your macros in the easy to use edit screen. Add or remove features and configure your macro to meet your needs.

Colour coding

Simple and effective colour coding means you'll never mix up your SMS trigger with your send SMS action.

Take advantage of powerful features such as custom variables, stopwatches and basic control flow (If/Else, While/Do).
Fully compatible with Tasker and Locale plugins and interface with other applications that support standard Android shortcuts.

Help is on hand

MacroDroid is designed with ease of use in mind. If you need a little extra help, simply long press any action, trigger or constraint for more details. Check out the wiki page for more information.

Get Organised

Add your macros to one of the built in categories, or create your own categories as desired. Colour code macros and categories to make them visually identifiable.
Mark macros as favourites and easily filter between just your favourite macros and your entire set.
Take control
Enable / Disable macros individually or by category, so macros will only be active when you want them to be.
Describe and Search
Add descriptions to your macros and use the search feature so you can always find the macro you want.

Join a Community

Explore thousands of user submitted template macros to use as is or inspire your own creativity.

If you're proud of what you've built, upload it to the template store and share it with the community.

Access the MacroDriod forums via the home screen tile or via the website. Discuss all things MacroDroid with a great community of expert users.


Give your favourite templates a star rating so the best macros and users rise to the top of the charts.

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