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MacroDroid User Generated Content Policy

The MacroDroid forum contains user generated content and is therefore subject to terms of use as defined below.


Users are prohibited from uploading objectionable content. Any user who is found to breach this policy will have the content removed and may be subject to account banning without warning. Objectionable content is defined as any content that may cause harm, offence or an otherwise negative experience for other users.


Examples of objectionable content are (but not limited to): Prejudicial text (racism, sexism etc.). Macros designed for malicious purposes or to cause undesired effects to users who download them. Any content related to pornography or other inappropriate adult only content.


A user can report any forum post with objectionable content via the 'Report' button on any forum post. This will then be subject to review and will later be removed if deemed objectionable.


Individual users can be blocked by clicking on the user and selecting the ignore option. When in this state all content from that user will be hidden.

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